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... You only get one shot at life ... So when you are old and grey, you should look back on the things you have done and say: "YES I did it!"

Just remember one thing..
It's too easy not to do something.

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Welcome to the Bucket List
We are a family, consisting of Barry, Tracey, Lisa and Lee, who are going through life trying to achieve as much as possible while we are young and healthy. We have compiled a huge list of Bucket List ideas that we have achieved. Hopefully while on our site, we will be able to give you the inspiration to go out and achieve your own Bucket List and life goals; while keeping ourselves busy with activities to continue to check off more of our list... I want to do it while I can - you never know what's round the corner.

Hopefully by browsing through our ideas, images, videos and blog pages you will be able to compile enough information and ideas for a wide and varied Bucket List - no matter who you are and what you are looking for!

So go and get inspired... go and get some things ticked off your list before you sit back and get stuck in your daily routine. There really is no reason why you cant achieve your life goals. It is only your inner self that is holding you back.

Lets put this quite plainly: there are mainly two types of people in life - The 'thinkers' and the 'doers'. If you are a 'doer', that is fine, you are probably going to do it anyway. If you are a thinker just think about it and then go and do it. (I know this over simplifys things some what). So, first things first, you need to think of your own Bucket List ideas - hopefully this site will give you some inspiration. Next, write up these to form your own Bucket List and most importantly, start ticking items of your list! As soon as you start ticking things off, your motivation levels will rise and rise. You will soon become amazed at what you end up achieving in a short space of time.

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