• Go Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea

    Go sailing in the mediterranean sea. I could write about this all day. We have been lucky enough over the last 10 years or more to spend long summers sailing aroung the nediterranean in our 2 boats that we have owned. Cedilla and Leesa Christina. We have sailed with some people that we now call great friends. Mainly an american couple from Danvers just outside Boston Dave and Cal.

    From the middle of may right through to the middle of october the weather is mostly settled hot and most importantly to most people the water is crystal clear and warm. Yes warm enough to swim in without having to get out after a short while to warm up. Actually on occasion i have seen it so warm that it does not even refresh you from the intense mediterranean summer sun.

    Even if you have no intention of owning a boat you have to add this to your bucket list ideas. Even if it is only a week cruising around the Ionion with family or friends. It will either hook you altogether or at least give you some wonderful memories of secluded anchorages, Great sailing and a glimpse of a totally different lifestyle.

    To do it justice though you need lots of time and go at a slow pace as there is so much to see from ancient greek ruined cities, Underwater blue grottoes, stunning scenery and that is not mentioning the sailing. The list is endless. So dont just dream of it make it one of your bucket list idea and do it. I guarrentee you will not regret it. I know we didnt and have so many wonderful memories that our brains are overwhelmed with sights and sounds that we have taken from sailing in the mediterranean sea and its surrounding area.



  • Go Camping

    At some time or another you have to visit the great outdoors and do it how it is supposed to be done, That is by going camping. Camping is one of those pastimes that you will either love or hate. Some of you will go camping and then go on a regular basis as you learn to love the experiences that it brings. Others on the other hand will go camping once and swear never to go again. It is that simple there is not normally a middle ground. Put it on your bucket list ideas list and find out for yourself.

    I myself love camping and the great outdoors. We have camped in many places and always enjoyed the experience. We did a road trip in America and just bought a tent and some sleeping bags and a map and off we went. With America so geared up for anyone who wants to go camping that the camp sites are great. All with there own bbq pit and all with nice pitches in the trees. With no one close up to you. I would recommend this to anyone.

    Another camping trip that we did recently was to Scotland. If you live in the uk and want to go camping this is a must trip. As you can camp just about anywhere up in the highlands for free. Wild camping is part of the culture up there and as long as you are not annoying anybody you will be left well alone.

    I know i was talking about Scotland and i have put a picture in of us camping right next to monument valley . I couldnt help myself though you can camp here and look out over the great natural structures that are monument valley itself.

    Back to Scotland you can camp literally next to Loch Lomond and wake up to one of the greatest views in the uk. All for free. I know i keep mentioning the word free. You can though go up there and spend not a penny on accomodation or campsite fees.

    You can even by a couple of solar showers for about £5 each and have a hot shower at the end of the day as well. We did this and would go back tomorrow if we get the chance.

    So to sum up go camping and make your mind up whether you love or hate it. You wont know until you give it a try. WAHOO.



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If you want a spur of the moment moment what could show it better than this

Bucket list goals 2013

See the Great wall of china

Buy goods in Yiwu market
Walk 3 Highest peaks in Britain
Surf the Severn bore
Visit good friends in caribbean
1 mile open water swim London
Lee pay off mortgauge
Round of golf in under 80
Tracey,Win more competitions
Lisa leadership role in teaching
Llee,Put on a stone n muscle

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Tracey and Barry getting married in

South Africa With some very well
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