• Random Bucket List Ideas

    Making a bucket list up of random ideas can be so much fun. These ideas will quite often be quite different ideas to a list you make up for your life goals for instance. they are probably going to be ideas that you are going to do more on the spur of the moment. i love doing this sort of thing you just get up and say to yourself right today we are going to do something random it doesnt matter what it is but it is going to be something we havnt done before and there is a good chance that we wont do it again. It doesnt matter though as long as you look back at the end of the day with a smile on your face and say to yourself YES we got off our backsides and did something totally on the spur of the moment which was totally random.

    I have a good example of this, just take a look at the picture below. Do you really think playing with jelly fish was on my bucket list of life goals. Well if you think maybe it is i can assure you that it is not. The silly thing is that my daughter Lisa who is not in the photo who was a straight A student and also thought it was a good idea and was in the water with me. I am sure i have got some more pictures of her in the water also playing with the jelly fish i will try to find them and if i do i will post them next to this post'

    This is the sort of thing that comes to mind when i think of aomething that is random and on the spur of the moment. It doesnt have to be something off the wall it can be something quite in keeping with the mainsream of what people do on a normal weekend but which is something that isnt in your normal comfort zone and just gives you a little buzz and something to remember when you are back at work on a monday and hopefully will give you inspiraton to do something random the next weekend.

    To help you in your quest for looking for random ideas to do check out out bucket list ideas pages these are full of ideas and what you decide to do doesnt neccesary have to be on our list but there is plenty there to get you thinking in the right direction and i am sure you will be able to find something along the lines of what you are looking for.

    Where you live is going to influence your random train of thought a great deal in your ideas. But i want no excuses for tomorrow never arrives and you can only look back on what you did yesterday and you will only regret it if you dont do something random now and again. so hopefully we can help you get inspired but only you can actually do it.

    good luck what ever it is you decide to tick off your random bucket list.


Bucket list ideas

The Bucket list ideas page is there for people to put their ideas forward to share with everyone else - along with some of our own to help you get the brain into the right frame of mind to help put thoughts into people's heads and help them to get out of their comfort zone before it's too late!

Bucket list images

This one I think is pretty straight forward really:
A page of images with a brief description to help describe when, where and what is going on. Well, hopefully a short description... I do have a tendancy to waffle a bit sometimes (or at least that's what the wife says!)

Bucket list videos

Bucket list achievements

The achievemants page gives us a chance to 'pat ourselves on the back' and boast about our accomplishments. It's always great to be able to tick something off the list. So join in with us and let everyone know what you have achieved!

This page is full of videos of Bucket list ideas being ticked off the list in great style. Well... with some level of style anyway whether it's great or not. I will let you decide!

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If you want a spur of the moment moment what could show it better than this

Bucket list goals 2013

See the Great wall of china

Buy goods in Yiwu market
Walk 3 Highest peaks in Britain
Surf the Severn bore
Visit good friends in caribbean
1 mile open water swim London
Lee pay off mortgauge
Round of golf in under 80
Tracey,Win more competitions
Lisa leadership role in teaching
Llee,Put on a stone n muscle

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Tracey and Barry getting married in

South Africa With some very well
dressed guests. For the full story
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